Can South Africans Earn Money Working Online?

Can South Africans make a living working online from the comfort of their own homes?

Something a lot of people want to know. It is indeed very possible and it is believed that this will become the future of jobs. The difficult part is separating the scams from the real opportunities. There are real companies that pay you for actually doing work for them online and then, of course, there are those “incredible”, “amazing” and “wonderful” programs full of promises flooding the internet.

Can South Africans Earn Money Working Online?

Here are the do’s and don’ts and some recommendations if you ever consider working online or join any moneymaking program:

  • You should never have to pay to work for a company.
  • Do research before you register for any paid or free program or buy anything like “miracle” software that will help you make money. Search online for reviews, how exactly it works, what is expected of you, and the legitimacy and age of a company.

Real Opportunities

If you want to get paid to do real at home, below is a list of good companies you can do work for that pays per task or per hour and available to South Africans. Types of jobs include transcription, translation, research, writing, product reviews, design and more.


Thousands of people are looking for someone to do tasks for them, including tasks that can be done remotely and online. Remote tasks include accounting, admin, graphic design, web design, programming, writing, translation, and a lot more. Highly recommended.


Online research. Get paid per task. You can choose the categories you are interested in. If you can search the web, you can do this. You have to pass an easy quiz and a trial research assignment to be accepted.


Design t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc. Very easy to join, free, and no risk to you. You just design and get paid when you make a sale. The manufacturing, printing, selling, and shipping is done for you. Possibilities are endless with Teespring. Your designs may even be sold on Amazon for you if you keep it clean and have good designs.


If you consider yourself funny, smart, or creative, this one is for you. They pay $150 for your first four accepted submissions and $250 from the 5th submission onward.


Listen to music tracks, leave a review, and get paid. You can also review fashion, cellphone accessories etc. The better your review, the more you get paid.

Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs involve listening to audio clips and/or video and typing what is said.

Opportunities on Airtasker includes transcription and other writing tasks.

TranscribeMe is highly recommended and pay from $15 – $22 per audio hour to start with. Transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds in Medical & Legal are paid a higher rate. You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and proficiency in English.

You can also take a look at GoTranscript and


Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else’s product and receiving compensation on sales made through your affiliate link. If you want to promote a product or service as an affiliate, the best way is to start . Make sure your blog is about something you are passionate about and about something specific. Write posts about a certain subject and include your affiliate link to products related to your blog. There are numerous big and well-known companies you can join as an affiliate like Amazon, eBay, and local companies like that is used by many well known local companies to promote their services through affiliates. Many companies have affiliate programs these days.

You can also monetize your blog or website with Google Adsense by displaying Google ads on your site. This alone can be a good source of income if you get a good amount of visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important when you own a blog or website to help you rank high in search results. If you use WordPress, there are plugins you can use to help you achieve just that. Getting professional help with SEO will be money well spend if you have money to spend. If you are willing to spend some time and educate yourself, expenses can be minimal. A well-optimized, well-maintained website or blog with quality and original content can be a great source of income and you will be surprised at what price quality websites are sold for. Owning a website is like owning property that increases in value over time.

It is also very important to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing news and trends. 
Advertising An Affiliate Program/Product

One of the best ways to advertise an affiliate program is through solo ad sellers that guarantee sign-ups and sales. Udimi is highly recommended.




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